28.10 2017

Kardinal-Frings-Straße 1, 50668 Köln, Deutschland 2nd BioSC Symposium – Towards an Integrated Bioeconomy

On 28th November 2017 (Attention! Date shifting!),
the second international BioSC symposium “Towards an integrated
Bioeconomy” takes place in Cologne. Participants will be international
scientific experts from all relevant disciplines, as well as
stakeholders from politics and industry.
The conference focuses on research related
to the successful implementation of a sustainable knowledge-based
bioeconomy built on the integration of scientific expertise in various
disciplines. All relevant disciplines need to explore the full potential
of renewable resources to develop solutions for the Grand Societal
External scientists and BioSC members
present between 9:00am up to 6:00pm their interdisciplinary research
projects reflecting bioeconomy topics from different points of view in
the following sessions and complementary poster presentations.
Additionally, for the first time, the newly established BioSC FocusLabs
highlight their promising research activities for the integrated
bioeconomy in NRW:

Session I: Cornerstones of an Integrated Bioeconomy in NRW
Recently started BioSC FocusLabs highlighting key research activities within the BioSC.

Session II: Socioeconomic Perspectives within a Sustainable Bioeconomy
analysis of bioeconomical developments (raw materials, processes and
products) linked to markets, politics and society, as well as strategies
or concepts for a successful implementation of an economically,
ecologically and socially sustainable bioeconomy.

Session III: Innovations for Plant Production and Resource Management
sustainable and visionary concepts, that allow for resource-preserving
and environmental-friendly enhancement of plant performance, adaptation
of quality to the respective utilization pathway and minimization of
yield and post-harvest losses.

Session IV: Green Value Chains ‐ Processes and Products from Biomass
value chain concepts, promising products and solutions for the
processing of biogenic raw materials, modular (bio-) transformations,
downstream processing and integrated biorefinery concepts for the
holistic and sustainable utilization of biomass.

Poster Session
You are kindly invited to submit poster abstracts. Further information are provided in our Call for Poster Abstracts

Visit: https://www.biosc.de/symposium_en Posted by : Michael Nassl