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New Thematic Areas, Biomass Sources and Updated Toolbox

We have updated the BiomassNet platform to broaden its thematic scope, biomass sources and resource categories. If you are a registered member of BiomassNet, these changes may have affected your personal account information and any resources you may have uploaded in the Toolbox.

To verify your account information, please visit your BiomassNet account and check if you need to update the Thematic Areas and Biomass Sources (formerly known as Crops) that you are interested in. Does one of the newly established Thematic Areas or Biomass Sources also match your profile? Let the BiomassNet community know with your update! Further, please verify if your resources in the Toolbox are tagged correctly according to Resource Category, Thematic Area and Biomass Source.

What’s new?

New Thematic Areas:

We have broadened the thematic scope of BiomassNet to include a wider variety of topics related to food and non-food biomass. Our new Thematic Areas are: Production and Storage, Equipment and Technology, Markets and Trade, Institutions and Policies, Environment and Conservation, Bioenergy, Health and Nutrition, and Education and Capacity Development.

Our Crops were renamed as Biomass Sources:

To cover a wider range of biomass types, we now have the new categories Roots and Tubers, Bamboo and Grasses, Cereals and Legumes, Fruits and Nuts, Livestock, as well as Vegetables and Mushrooms.

Toolbox includes new Resources Categories:

We have also updated the Resource Categories available in the Toolbox to allow for a broader range of relevant resources. The revised Resource Categories are: Scientific Publications, Technical Guidelines, Policy Briefs, Media, Apps and Online Services, Other tools.

We hope that you find these updates and changes useful and inspiring. For any questions, you are welcome to contact us at contact@biomassnet.org.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Your feedback on how we can improve our service is always welcome.


Best regards,

Your BiomassNet Team