Welcome to BiomassNet

What is BiomassNet?

BiomassNet is the first pan-African expert network on food and non-food biomass. It provides an interactive platform for networking and information exchange between experts working on biomass in Africa.

Why an expert network on biomass in Africa?

Global demand for biomass as food, feed, source of energy and industrial raw materials is putting increasing pressure on the agricultural sector and food production worldwide. There is a strong need for policies, strategies and practical tools that can ensure food security while addressing growing demands for non-food biomass in emerging bio-economies.

Food security in sub-Saharan Africa can only be achieved if a wide range of experts from different disciplines and stakeholder groups work together on possible ways forward. To foster this cooperation, BiomassNet provides an interactive platform that brings together scientists, policy makers and practitioners and enables knowledge sharing and dissemination of information. The overall aim is to

  • strengthen the African biomass sector at the local, national and international level,
  • promote more efficient and sustainable biomass production, processing and trading in Africa, and
  • enhance food security and support knowledge-based bio-economies in Africa.

Enhancing system thinking and innovation

BiomassNet encourages using the value web approach in tackling biomass issues in Africa to enhance system thinking and innovation in this sector.

Getting started

Have a look at Getting started to learn how to create your profile, upload information and communicate with other BiomassNet experts individually and through our email discussion group, the “BiomassNet” Dgroup.