Getting started

Get connected to experts working on biomass in Africa

Become a BiomassNet member to connect with other experts working on food and non-food biomass issues in Africa. As a BiomassNet member, you can contact other members and share your work. To promote knowledge exchange and communication between different stakeholder groups, you will be asked to highlight which group you belong to (science, policy, practice). If you are unsure, please select the stakeholder group that best describes your current area of activity. In addition, you are required to select the crops and thematic areas you are interested in.

Share your work, events and tell people about your projects

Upload new resources to the BiomassNet toolbox and announce your projects and events. In the upload section of your profile, you will find more detailed instructions on how to upload files and other resources. During the uploading process, provide additional information for each resource, such as target group (science, policy, practice), related crops, thematic areas and countries. This information will allow other members to quickly find the resources you provide. Note that uploading commercial resources such as advertisements and commercial offers does not comply with the terms and conditions of BiomassNet.

Discuss with your peers – the BiomassNet Dgroup

The BiomassNet Dgroup enables you to participate in moderated online discussions on topical biomass-related issues. If you are interested in starting a new discussion, contact the BiomassNet Dgroup administrators and suggest a discussion topic.

Join the BiomassNet Dgroup here

About Dgroups: Dgroups was started by the Dgroups Foundation and promotes dialogues among stakeholders in international development through a non-commercial communication tool. By using email, Dgroups is especially useful for non-profit organizations and low bandwidth users.