Fruits and Nuts

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Fruits and nuts contribute to food security, nutrition and income generation in Africa. These crops supply important vitamins and micro-nutrients in people’s diets and constitute raw materials in several industrial sectors like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The waste and organic by-products like pulps and husks generated from processing fruits and nuts can be converted into value-added products and animal feed.

Mango, pineapple, coffee, plantain and banana are a few examples of widely cultivated fruits that are important cash crops and/or essential starchy staple foods for Africa. Almonds, pistachios, and cashew are some of the nuts produced for local demand and for export to Western countries and Asia.

Constraints related to the production of fruits and nuts in Africa include traditional low-input systems, diseases and pests, high post-harvest losses due to product perishability and poor conservation, the effects of climate change, and low rates of adoption of technologies and best practices.


Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Women in Agricultural Development, MOFA WIAD, Ghana and Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, FARA 29.11.2017 BiomassWeb DDRD Project: Plantain Flour in Sunyani Area, Ghana Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, FARA Video

The video showcases ways to enhance the biomass value chain of plantain and reduce postharvest losses of plantain through the transfer of processing technologies of plantain composite flour for various traditional foods such as plantain fufu and value-added products for making of bakery products such as plantain chips, cakes, pies, bread, bofrot and doughnuts. The project was conducted as part fo the BiomassWeb project (

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