Vegetables and mushrooms

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Vegetables and mushrooms play an important role in nutrition, food security, and income generation for smallholder farmers, particularly for those in urban and peri-urban areas. With increasing urbanization and changing diets, demand for vegetables is expected to rise in Africa in the coming decades. Some vegetables produced include lettuce, cabbage, carrots, onions, okra, and indigenous leafy greens like amaranth, African nightshade, pumpkin and pea leaves.

There is a long-standing tradition of wild mushroom hunting in Africa, but domestic mushroom production has increased in recent years. The production of mushrooms from various biowastes has become an effective way to create value from waste generated in agricultural and industrial sectors.

Challenges in vegetable and mushroom production include difficult access to inputs such as water, good quality seeds and plants, inadequate management practices, high post-harvest losses due to product perishability and poor conservation, and long distances or lack of access to markets.

Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Women in Agricultural Development, MOFA WIAD, Ghana and Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, FARA 29.11.2017 BiomassWeb DDRD Project: Mushroom in Gomoa, Ghana Agrolink, MOFA-DEAS Ghana and FARA Video

The video showcases the use of generated agricultural waste (cassava peels) as substrate for the cultivation of mushroom and through this improve on food insecurity, reduce poverty and minimize environmental degradation. The project was conducted as part of the BiomassWeb project (

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