20.06 - 22.06 2018

Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Harambee Ave, Nairobi, Kenia 5th Agritec Africa – International Exhibition On Agriculture Technology

The upcoming edition of Agritec Africa, International Exhibition and
Conference on Agriculture Technology will be held in Nairobi, Kenya
during June 20-22,2018. Africa has huge potential for Agricultural
growth, thanks to ample amount of Land and Water Resources. Yet, land
and agricultural productivity are found to be one of the lowest in the
In Africa, Agriculture employs 65% labour force. Agriculture Sector
accounts for 32% of GDP of Africa. Africa requires attention on
following three core areas for Higher and Sustained growth:

Facilitating agricultural markets and tradeImproving Agricultural ProductivityInvesting in public infrastructure for Agricultural Growth.

Agriculture sector contributed 24% in the total GDP of Kenya in year 2011 – as per the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics 2012.
Kenya’s agriculture sector directly influences overall economic
performance through its contribution to GDP. Periods of high economic
growth rates have been synonymous with increased agricultural growth.
Several untapped crops cultivation in Kenya affect African Economy –
Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Horticulture, Floriculture, Cotton, Macadamia Nuts,
Presence of R&D Centers, Agricultural Infrastructure,
Agricultural University, Government support, initiative by NGOs and
other associations has made Kenya a unique choice for such a
international exhibition on Agriculture Technologies.
Although farming is the most important economic sector in Kenya, less
than 8% of the land is used for crop and feed production and less than
20% is suitable for cultivation.
Kenya is a leading producer of tea and coffee, as well as third
leading exporter of fresh produce, such as cabbage, onions and mangoes.
Small farms grow most of the corn and also produce potatoes, beans and

The agriculture sector in Kenya is very influenced by externalities,
like weather conditions and global economic and financial developments.
The significance of the Kenyan agricultural sector is reflected in
numerous national strategies and policies.
Govt. of Kenya is currently implementing Strategy for Revitalizing
Agriculture (SRA) with the intention to “transform Kenya’s agriculture
into profitable, commercially oriented and internationally and
regionally competitive economic activity that provides high quality
gainful employment to Kenyans”.
The strategic areas included:

1) Streamlining agricultural policy framework

2) Creating an enabling environment for the private sector

3) Improving delivery of support services

4) Promoting Marketing, Agro – Processing and trade

5) Main streaming agriculture development issues in other # sectors

6) Strengthening institutional implementation & monitoring frameworks

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