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FARADataInforms Updates: Digital tools help Africa mitigate climate disasters

Satellite imagery is helping African countries predict and mitigate extreme weather events and natural disasters such as floods, storms and famine.

Extreme weather events are increasing on the continent, with droughts proving the deadliest, followed by floods, according to the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters. From 2000-2019, 46,000 people were killed and 337 million were affected by 1143 disasters on the continent.

At the African Risk Capacity conference held in Nairobi on 13 February, digital strategies for climate and disaster risk management were highlighted.

The African Risk Capacity has established a capacity building programme for African countries that are at risk of extreme weather due to climate change, to help them access a comprehensive disaster risk management and financing system, such as insurance and funds that can help in responding rapidly to disasters. For example, the African Risk Capacity provided US$36.8 million to four African countries — Malawi, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal — that have seen at least 2.1 million people affected by drought.

Source: https://www.scidev.net/sub-saharan-africa/climate-change/news/digital-tools-help-africa-mitigate-climate-disasters.html