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Published by Jelana Vajen

BiomassWeb – Improving food security in Africa through increased system productivity of biomass-based value webs

Given the increasing global demand for food, feed, industrial raw
material and energy crops, BiomassWeb aims at contributing to food
security in Sub-Saharan Africa through harnessing productivity and
efficiency gains in the whole biomass-producing, processing and trading
system. This will be achieved by an increased integration of all value
web components and the cascading utilization of biomass.
Biomass as a renewable resource is expected to play an increasingly
important role in the future economies of most countries in sub-Saharan
Africa. The expected trends of rising demand for more diverse
biomass-based produce from agricultural land will transform the
traditional agriculture from a food-supplying to a biomass-supplying
sector. Many African countries have the potential to not only meet their
own future demand for biomass-based produce but also to provide other
African and industrial countries with raw materials and, most
importantly, processed biomass products. But the actual available
biomass is underutilized in sub-Saharan Africa. Concepts to increase
food security while attending growing demands for non-food biomass and
developing alternative biomass sources are still in their infant stages.
These gaps will be addressed by the BiomassWeb project.