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Published by Alex Owusu Amoakoh


Hen Mpoano is collaborating with the US Forest Service International Programs to conserve the Greater Amanzule wetlands. In the local Nzema dialect, Amanzule means water for communities. The wetlands comprise vast mangrove forests, coastal lagoons, estuaries and peat swamp forests that support critical biodiversity, traditional livelihoods and the local fishing economy in the Western region of Ghana.

Conservation of the wetlands falls within the broader framework of the 3-year USAID funded Coastal Sustainable Landscapes Project (CSLP) which aims at contributing to moving Ghana into a low greenhouse gas emissions, high carbon sequestration development pathway in the land use sector.

Hen Mpoano’s role within this collaborative effort involves working with 23 communities fringing the Amanzule wetlands and through local governance structures to facilitate awareness creation on the benefits of the wetlands; providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support for mapping and spatial analyses as well as offering extension services and livelihood incentives to assist communities develop functional management plans and processes for the wetlands.