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Published by Civil Engineer / Dipl. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technician Heinz J. Sturm

STAREC DRC & ICEPS CTC – Agricultur Development Project with Energy Production and -supply for DRC and Angola as border Country

The century’s great defiance: climate catastrophes and refugees
The Situation
Due to the drastic climate change and its already perceptable consequences which cascade over us daily somewhere in the world, large-scale climate protection combined with infrastructure development work, is urgently-needed and must start immediately, especilally in manifold poor developing and least developed countries, which are plagued by world peace-threatening extreme heat, drought, water shortage, crop failure, diseases, and warfare.
This is why
– STAREC – Stabilisation and Reconstruction Programme of D.R. Congo already have set-up a liaison and cooperation office at the CTC – Climate Technology Centre in Bonn, Germany, to elaborate and develop immediately-needed solutions for DR Congo and Kivu Lake Region.
The Bonn Climate Project serves refugee prevention by development of rural areas with decentrally-produced energy and energy systems in the interior of D.R. Congo and Africa, and all LDCs, creation of labour and employment, capacity-building, and simultaneously, the combat of climate change.

There is an agreement to promptly and immediately start with the implementation of the contents of the socio-political and socio-economical Bonn Climate Project in the D.R. Congo.
In particular, the purpose of STAREC Kivu/Goma’s liaison office at the CTC – Climate Technology Centre Bonn, is to centrally and from there, obtain all future measures regarding the procurement of climate technologies and methodologies, machinery, education, training and knowledge, and the development of CDM-model projects from Germany, the emphasis of which will be on water transportation, agriculture, renewable energies, climate, environmental, and water protection, and infrastructure-building.
Equally essential is the reduction of refugee streams from DRC and Africa to Germany and to the EU, by creating natural living conditions by means of poverty by the provision of German knowhow, technologies, and vocational and professional training according to the proven German Dual Vocational Training System.

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