Education and capacity development

“Education and capacity development” relates to training, innovation development, knowledge (co-)production and communication for dealing with biomass and food security issues.

Transition to a sustainable bio-economy under changing climatic and demographic conditions demands a continuous learning process from all actors in the agro-ecological system. Education and capacity development are, therefore, crucial for finding tailored scientific and practical solutions, to bridge the gap between the lab and the farm/field, translate scientific research into practical guidelines or solutions, develop enabling policies, and to analyze how shared learning can help effectively address the challenges that farmers, enterprises and local communities face every day. Furthermore, to connect different actors from different sectors, knowledge needs to be translated or co-generated in shared learning environments to develop and/or transfer innovations and adoption of new practices and techniques.

This thematic area features contributions related to:

  • Social learning, co-production of knowledge, transfer of knowledge and innovations, considering age groups and gender
  • Digital solutions for smallholder farmers, such as mobile phone apps
  • Environmental education and livelihood programs
  • Science-policy platforms and stakeholder dialogue

Theme coordinator: Girma Kelboro

Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Women in Agricultural Development, MOFA WIAD, Ghana and Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, FARA 29.11.2017 BiomassWeb DDRD Project: Plantain Flour in Sunyani Area, Ghana Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, FARA Video

The video showcases ways to enhance the biomass value chain of plantain and reduce postharvest losses of plantain through the transfer of processing technologies of plantain composite flour for various traditional foods such as plantain fufu and value-added products for making of bakery products such as plantain chips, cakes, pies, bread, bofrot and doughnuts. The project was conducted as part fo the BiomassWeb project (

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