Equipment and technology

“Equipment and technology” has a focus on innovations in equipment, technology and techniques for producing, processing and using food and non-food biomass.

Demand for food and non-food biomass is growing in both Africa and globally due to population growth, dietary shifts and the move from fossil-fuel based economies to biomass-based economies. Meanwhile, achieving and maintaining food security in Africa remains an important issue. Food security can be reached directly through adequate production, processing and consumption of food biomass; or indirectly through income generation and expenditure savings through processing and use of non-food biomass or waste. In any case, new machinery, technology and techniques are required that are tailored to the African context and support innovations in the biomass production, processing and consumption sectors.

This thematic area features contributions related to:

  • Equipment and machinery for biomass production and processing, e.g., cassava peeling and harvesting machines
  • Technology and techniques for biomass processing and use, e.g., thermal, chemical, and biochemical methods to convert biomass into energy or industrial raw materials
  • Examples of recycling, coupled and cascading uses of biomass that help reduce overall biomass consumption and biomass waste

Theme coordinator: Charles Tortoe

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